About me

Richi disfressat de SupermanMy name is Ricard but everyone calls me Richi. I’m 7 years old, I live in Palamos (Spain) and I am a child suffering from cancer. On November 29, 2011 my life changed. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost 5 cm. diameter called medulloblastoma.

Medulloblastoma is one of the most aggressive pediatric malignancy brain tumors and within the possible degrees of risk, mine is the highest. Since the diagnosis my parents, sister, family, and friends  have been fighting together with me to win the battle against this miserable disease.

From early childhood I’ve suffered frequent bouts of sickness, that although at the time were not considered serious, they were debilitating enough for my mother to give up work to care for me and for me not to be able to lead a normal life. Now of course we know the reason why.

I love being with my family and especially my sister Nina.

Mi familia siempre a mi ladoIn addition to playing football with my friends from my school, I love dressing up, drawing and crafts, music and especially dance. At first I am a little shy but when I gain confidence I am very playful and full of fun and I’m always clowning around with my father. I like the pictures I paint and I want my school work to be perfect in every way otherwise I start over and over again as many times as is necessary, until I’m satisfied with it. My mum tells me that although I am stubborn and headstrong I am her favorite Superman.

Richi disfrazado de payasoCancer is devastating. Especially when a child suffers like me.

Just as my mother had to give up work when I was younger, so my father has had to make the difficult choice  to leave his job to devote himself together with my mother entirely to looking after me.

They always tell me that I’m the most important person to them and how vital it is that we stick together, so that we can unitedly work  to overcome my illness.

The first part of my treatment was performed in Spain but due to the extreme complication of my case we had to seek a more specialized hospital in Boston America, where I have been since early April 2012.

The first most important factor for a better prognosis of medulloblastoma is to achieve total tumor resection. Unfortunately in Spain, after several operations and various complications, it was not possible.

So I went to Boston America on March 30th, 2012. At first it was thought that they would only need to carry out one operation, but unfortunately to achieve the best outcome I had to have four. Bringing the total number of operations since I was diagnosed, to twelve. During this time I have also suffered several serious complications such as meningitis and seizures and have also had to have a course of radiotherapy treatment.

Fortunately and against all odds, the medical team in Boston was able to remove almost 100% of the tumor without damage.

On September, 26th I ended the six months of intensive chemotherapy treatment. Right now I am in recovery and waiting to see what´s going to be the next step. The last MRI at November 14 showed a small spot and the oncologists has the opinion there´s still tumor. The question is if it is dying or growing again …

I need to raise funds. The cost of having to deal with brain cancer are very high.

Brain cancer is so damn. Devastating and unpredictable.

In any case, after the grueling experience for which I am going through, all the revenue that exceeds the cost of my war against cancer will be allocated to the SOS Richi foundation that I`m currently setting up with my parents and which will devoted its activities to:

  • Provision of assistance to those families with children suffering from any variety of brain cancer, that because of the complexity its case, requires access to international treatment to improve prognosis.
  • Collaborate with medical and scientific institutions in all that allows progress in facilitating the discovery of new more effective treatments in fighting this devastating disease.
  • Helping child survivors or still under treatment to smile 🙂

Unfortunately, the brain tumor I have is very aggressive, complex and difficult to control and will require time, dedication, effort, and as always, financial resources. It’s going to be a very long, tough journey and I need all the support and solidarity possible.

I need your help.