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The first most important factor for a better prognosis of medulloblastoma is to achieve total tumor resection. Unfortunately in Spain, after several operations and various complications, it was not possible.

So I went to Boston America on March 30th, 2012. At first it was thought that they would only need to carry out one operation,but unfortunately to achieve the best outcome I had to have four. Bringing the total number of operations since I was diagnosed,to twelve. During this time I have also suffered several serious complications such as meningitis and have also had to have a course of radiotherapy treatment. All this in less than 6 months.

Fortunately and against all odds, the medical team in Boston have been able to remove almost 100% of the tumor without damage and have finished the first phase of treatment successfully.

Since May 7th, 2012, the second phase of treatment has started: Chemotherapy, which is estimated to last about 8 months.

The treatment that I’m having has an approximate cost of 500,000 €. Initially, this amount was less and has been increasing due to the following reasons:

1. It was based on an estimate of the first surgery phase, that I would only need a single operation, but in the end I had to have four.

2. When I arrived in Boston I did not know what to expect, whether it would be necessary to stay here after the surgery to continue treatment or not. Unfortunately, although they have managed to remove the tumor, they still  consider that I am a high risk patient due to the complexity of my case. So I have needed to continue under the care of  the medical team here in Boston America

As well the nature of my cancer is particularly unpredictable.

So far I’ve collected 337.463 € that are not yet sufficient to cover the cost of bills for the first phase of surgery. This figure has been updated to date Sep., 29th and corresponds to the following items:

  • Donations to the account: 169.293 €
  • Paypal: 30.641 €
  • Events: 81.528 €
  • Campaigns: 56.001 €
  • Teaming: 909 people subscribed
  • Taps: 17,4 tonnes collected

It is possible that there may be some misclassification of any amount that has been entered in a heading other than that it deserves, but not in the total raised.

In any case, after the grueling experience for which I am going through, all the revenue that exceeds the cost of treatment plus staying expenses will be allocated to the SOS Richi foundation that I`m currently setting up with my parents and which will devoted its activities to:

  • Provision of assistance and financial resources to those families with children suffering from any variety of brain cancer, that because of the complexity its case, requires access to international treatment to improve prognosis.

  • Collaborate with medical and scientific institutions in all that allows progress in facilitating the discovery of new more effective treatments in fighting this devastating disease.

As you can see I still have a long, hard road ahead. Please help me to get it !