I need your help

I am Richi, a 7 year old boy suffering from a medulloblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer that requires highly specialized treatment in Boston. The costs of the war against brain cancer are very high and need your help to raise funds in order to face the cancer and win this unequal struggle. I’m putting all my energy into the fight, but I need your support in many different ways. Please, I really need your help!

On the website I explain you my story about how this happened to me and why I need your help:

  • About me – Who I am, how did I get to this situation and what do I need
  • How to help me – I explain the different ways that you can contribute financially to support me.
  • SOS Richi Coordination – The entity responsible for organizing the various initiatives (campaigns and events) and managing the work of the volunteers.
  • My blog – Here you will find the latest news about my day to day fight against cancer and a selection of my best videos.

My apologies for not translating the entire site formally into English. Unfortunately, Google Translator it´s not the best tool but you can try to understand a bit about my blog, campaigns, events and news. Thank you.