SOS Richi Coordination

The SOS Richi Coordination was born spontaneously when it  was confirmed that there was a good chance of improving my prognosis and survival if I went to Boston in America for treatment. That’s when my parents, family and friends came together and created the SOS Richi Coordination platform. Its aim, as its name suggests, is to coordinate all the initiatives and support activities, and the dissemination and collection of funds to cover my care and treatment in the fight against cancer.

All proceeds achieved through any of the initiatives are intended to fully cover the costs of my care and treatment.

The SOS Richi Coordination is organized so that there is one person for each of the initiatives that performs the functions of manager. And this person, in turn, has a team of volunteers to help implement the initiative. All persons involved in the Coordination, both managers and volunteers do so as volunteers and without receiving any remuneration.

If you want to help, please contact the Coordination now. I encourage you to participate as a volunteer or even involve yourself with any of the initiatives already underway in the town where you live.We welcome any further suggestions or ideas you may have in addition to those already in place.

I thank everyone who has contributed and helped so generously to date,and for your continued help and support for me and my family. Together we will beat this!